League U

June, 2017 | Riot Games

Riot Games teamed up with PlayBrain to create LeagueU, a website for university students who play League of Legends to connect and engage with each other. Students can sign up then create and join “circles” – clubs whose members can get together to enjoy their shared love for the game. Users could participate in various university student League of Legends activities, campaigns and tournaments. The site also features a mentoring program, where experienced players can help new players learn the game and have both players be rewarded.

In 2017, one of the key campaigns was the All Campus Series (ACS), in which circles could compete against each other by winning games. Circles quickly racked up thousands of points, and the top 16 were entered into a tournament to chose a national university champion at an offline final. All aspects of the ACS were tracked through the LeagueU website, from each circles’ points to the the final tournament bracket.