Hearthstone World S1

May, 2017 | Blizzard Entertainment

To engage with the Hearthstone community in Japan, PlayBrain created a weekly live streamed show on Twitch featuring the latest of what’s going on in the Hearthstone world both globally and locally. The 2 hour show, streamed from PlayBrain’s DEKKI Studio, is made up of segments introducing community news, special guests, quizzes and the latest meta decks from PlayBrain’s community platform DEKKI.com.

Season 1 featured the “Journey to Un’goro” expansion, which was used throughout as the show theme. Hosts Yucco, Sentosu, and dinosaur announcer “Westsaurus” introduce current topics about Hearthstone, while leveraging the playfulness and fun of the lore.

Season 2 kicked off in August 2017.